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As our community ages more people find themselves in caregiving roles than ever before. Research indicates that with the added responsibilities often come higher rates of depression and anxiety and an increased vulnerability to health problems. Our supports and services are geared not only towards assisting older adults and adults with disabilities, but also their family caregivers. It is our privilege and honor to work alongside these families, services and supports geared towards helping to reduce caregiver depression, anxiety and stress, enabling caregivers to provide care longer, thereby avoiding or delaying the need for costly institutional care. In conjunction with the North Carolina Family Caregiver Program, ADTS assists caregivers with the responsibilities of informal caregiving by:

- Helping them learn about and access available support services
- Providing supplemental support services,
- Informing caregivers about support groups, counseling services and legal assistance
- Offering respite care services which can provide a break in caregiving responsibilities
- Providing education and training opportunities

The Caregiver Information Program assists caregivers who are age 60 and over or those who are caring for someone age 60 and over. This includes adult children assisting a parent, a wife or husband caring for his or her spouse, a parent over age 60 caring for an adult child with special needs, a niece or nephew caring for an older aunt or uncle and a friend who is assisting an elderly neighbor.

For more information about these classes and groups or to learn more about any of the support services mentioned in this article, please give us a call at 336-349-2343. I know your job is not easy, throughout my career I have drawn inspiration from the interactions and experiences that I've had with caregivers. At ADTS we are honored that family caregivers trust and look to us for respite, support and guidance and feel privileged to be a part of the caregiving journey.