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What is March for Meals and who does it help?
March for Meals is a month-long fundraising and awareness campaign conducted in March each year by Aging, Disability and Transit Services of Rockingham County with the support of local businesses and organizations for our local Meals on Wheels program. Thanks to the generosity and support of Rockingham County citizens, volunteers and area businesses, Meals on Wheels provides more than a hot meal - it is the comfort of knowing someone will be stopping by to check on homebound seniors across Rockingham County. While we serve more than 300 homebound seniors each day, the need continues to grow…..your support is vital to fighting senior hunger!

When is it?
March 1 thru March 31, 2018


Restaurants participating in Eat Out… Help Out donate 10% of their sales on the day(s) they choose. The community chooses to eat out at their preferred restaurant on that particular day knowing that they will be helping raise funds for the program.

Businesses participating in Buy A Wheel provide ‘wheel – shaped’ flyers at their point of sale/checkouts for the month of March. Any shopper who wishes to donate to Meals on Wheels can write their name on a wheel, donate whatever amount they wish and the wheel will be displayed in-store.

You can also choose to just donate any amount you wish to the program – just go to our convenient and secure DONATE page.